Thursday, August 23, 2012

REVIEW-Sleek Au Naturel Palette

In July, myself and 3 friends went away on a little weekend trip to Edinburgh!
I must say, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The castle is such a pretty sight walking along Princes Street.
The people are lovely and friendly, there is a great vibe around the city, during the day and night!
I'd move there in the morning..:):)

On the day before we were due to leave(which was very depressing to go back to Ireland)
I decided to cheer myself up with some retail therapy make up wise.
I popped into Superdrug and decided to have a little peek at the products you can't get in my local Superdrug back home.
(Basically, I made a beeline for the Sleek stall)

I picked up two palettes, and the "lash out" mascara.

I love Sleek, its quickly becoming one of my favourite brands after this mini haul.
The contour kit is easily one of my staple, "would die without it" products in my make up bag.
(I've hit pan, smashed the highlighter, broke the mirror and then broke off the cover)
But I still love it dearly!

I have found myself gravitating towards this palette, over my Naked eye shadows, my mac eye shadows and my Inglot ones too..shock horror! :O

The packaging is black, sleek(no pun intended) and simple.
I enjoy this. It fits neatly in my palettes in my make up collection :)

The eye shadows themselves are very natural, (as the name of the palette would suggest)
But they are perfect for a simple day look, and a night time smokey look all the same :)
The overall palette is matte, with three shimmery shades which are beautiful.

The are really luxurious feeling, blend like a dream and are incredibly pigmented for the price of them, which was like £7.99 I think?!?
Which is about €10.00 give or take..
In particular, I found the black in bottom right of the palette to be more pigmented then my Mac black in "carbon"
(Which cost €15 in single pots!)
So not only is this palette amazing, it is also a bargain!

I'd recommend to everyone who likes the natural eyeshadow look, to go buy this palette with the utmost haste as it is beautiful, I wear it nearly everyday and the colours actually last a surprising length of time without primer, and I have thee oiliest eye lids ever.

Swatches :)

I love Edinburgh so much I'm returning in October for a weekend :)
And I'll probably raid the Sleek stall all over again tbh..
I have only one problem with Sleek,
and its the fact you can't get it in Ireland!! :(