Monday, November 5, 2012


Exciting Newwwwws!

So, as you may have noted my absence(I'm a terrible blogger)
My life has completely changed over the coming months..
I applied to a college to study a Make Up Artistry course
I left it till very late, and thought I wasn't going to get it, but I went for the interview with some sample photographs of make up I've done on people and kept talking about my love for make up..
I was pretty happy with the interview overall and the course looked so interesting,
Little did I know, the next day..they rang and told me I got the course!!!!!!!
Which I was ridiculously suprised about, they told me I would have to wait a week to find out and they rang the NEXT DAY!
The course was in Galway, which is in the wessshht of Ireland

So the labourious task of finding somewhere to live in one of Irelands main student towns lay before me..
And boy was it hell........=[
Landlords are sneaky individuals, pulling the carpet out from under your feet is an understatement!!
I eventually found a place to live, its pretty horrible but I head home every weekend so its bearable..

But I must say I am loving my course..
the difference between doing something you love and somthing you kinda like but not really
is amazzing
And all the girls (and guys!) in my class are amazeballs too
My tutors are so lovely, I'm living my dream..
And I'm going to be a qualified Make Up Artist come May!!

At the moment, eyeshadow, the lack of internet and assignments are taking priority over my blog..
I will try my absoo hardest to return and be regular, its extremely difficult to find things to write aboooot when you're upto your eyeballs in make up work!
But I thought I'd let ya'll know of my little life update :)

Love love