Monday, November 5, 2012


Exciting Newwwwws!

So, as you may have noted my absence(I'm a terrible blogger)
My life has completely changed over the coming months..
I applied to a college to study a Make Up Artistry course
I left it till very late, and thought I wasn't going to get it, but I went for the interview with some sample photographs of make up I've done on people and kept talking about my love for make up..
I was pretty happy with the interview overall and the course looked so interesting,
Little did I know, the next day..they rang and told me I got the course!!!!!!!
Which I was ridiculously suprised about, they told me I would have to wait a week to find out and they rang the NEXT DAY!
The course was in Galway, which is in the wessshht of Ireland

So the labourious task of finding somewhere to live in one of Irelands main student towns lay before me..
And boy was it hell........=[
Landlords are sneaky individuals, pulling the carpet out from under your feet is an understatement!!
I eventually found a place to live, its pretty horrible but I head home every weekend so its bearable..

But I must say I am loving my course..
the difference between doing something you love and somthing you kinda like but not really
is amazzing
And all the girls (and guys!) in my class are amazeballs too
My tutors are so lovely, I'm living my dream..
And I'm going to be a qualified Make Up Artist come May!!

At the moment, eyeshadow, the lack of internet and assignments are taking priority over my blog..
I will try my absoo hardest to return and be regular, its extremely difficult to find things to write aboooot when you're upto your eyeballs in make up work!
But I thought I'd let ya'll know of my little life update :)

Love love


Thursday, August 23, 2012

REVIEW-Sleek Au Naturel Palette

In July, myself and 3 friends went away on a little weekend trip to Edinburgh!
I must say, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The castle is such a pretty sight walking along Princes Street.
The people are lovely and friendly, there is a great vibe around the city, during the day and night!
I'd move there in the morning..:):)

On the day before we were due to leave(which was very depressing to go back to Ireland)
I decided to cheer myself up with some retail therapy make up wise.
I popped into Superdrug and decided to have a little peek at the products you can't get in my local Superdrug back home.
(Basically, I made a beeline for the Sleek stall)

I picked up two palettes, and the "lash out" mascara.

I love Sleek, its quickly becoming one of my favourite brands after this mini haul.
The contour kit is easily one of my staple, "would die without it" products in my make up bag.
(I've hit pan, smashed the highlighter, broke the mirror and then broke off the cover)
But I still love it dearly!

I have found myself gravitating towards this palette, over my Naked eye shadows, my mac eye shadows and my Inglot ones too..shock horror! :O

The packaging is black, sleek(no pun intended) and simple.
I enjoy this. It fits neatly in my palettes in my make up collection :)

The eye shadows themselves are very natural, (as the name of the palette would suggest)
But they are perfect for a simple day look, and a night time smokey look all the same :)
The overall palette is matte, with three shimmery shades which are beautiful.

The are really luxurious feeling, blend like a dream and are incredibly pigmented for the price of them, which was like £7.99 I think?!?
Which is about €10.00 give or take..
In particular, I found the black in bottom right of the palette to be more pigmented then my Mac black in "carbon"
(Which cost €15 in single pots!)
So not only is this palette amazing, it is also a bargain!

I'd recommend to everyone who likes the natural eyeshadow look, to go buy this palette with the utmost haste as it is beautiful, I wear it nearly everyday and the colours actually last a surprising length of time without primer, and I have thee oiliest eye lids ever.

Swatches :)

I love Edinburgh so much I'm returning in October for a weekend :)
And I'll probably raid the Sleek stall all over again tbh..
I have only one problem with Sleek,
and its the fact you can't get it in Ireland!! :(


Monday, April 9, 2012

Sorry I've been away :(

Hello :)
I've been having trouble with computer access lately..
Well more no acess..:(

But I hopefully will have something sorted out soon, with some reviews(Some good and bad!) Nails of the day(when they start looking pretty again) And healthy eating regimes! Well I'll try too anyway..

Sorry for my lack of blogging,I was so inspired with a few purchases i made and had no way of sharing them!But I'm going to Dublin tomorrow with so I will hopefully buy a few pieces in Lush and Forever 21! eeeeeekkkkkk :-)

Will try get back up and running soon lovleys xx
Much love!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Eye of the night!

As I've previously stated, my Soap & Glory quad has been my go-to eye shadow routine for the day time.
But the other night I was going out with mates, and knowing me I left everything to the last minute so I went a little smokier with my day look to make it night time worthy!

As usual, my foundation was Revlon Colorstay(I find this foundation okay, its nicest applied with my hands, I wish there was a pump with this foundation, it would make application so much easier!)
My concealer was Collection 2000 in fair,
I used Clinque Brow Pencil in 03 deep brown
& Inglot gel liner in 77 and Bourjouis Volumizer
and Soap and Glorys Smoulder Kohl eyeliner in black.
I also used Sleek Contour Kit in Light and a Benefit highlighter in Miss Popularity.

Whats your night time eye like?

love love


Recently my go-to eyeshadow quad has been Soap and Glorys "whats nude"
I use it the matte bone shade and the matte brown through my crease during the day with a slick of gel eyeliner and some mascara
(The liner is no 77 matte black from Inglot, the mascara is also from Inglot(Volume & Waterproof)
My foundation is Revlon Colorstay in Buff and Collection 2000 concealer in Fair, I have a bit of Essence clear brow set through my brows)

I'm in love with a majority of these products, the eyeshadow quad has found a permanent place in my make up bag and its just so easy peasy to master when I'm in a rush!

Whats your go to daily eyeshadow routine?

love love

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feeling Bleeugghh

This week has been pretty crappy health wise..
Tuesday, I poisoned myself making fajitas resulting in me being up all night getting sick
(reaaallly reaaallly not fun!)
So my routine was complete-erly backwards
Sleeping all day and up all night(watching Jerry Springer & Maury at 5am, not cool!)
So i stayed up all nigth and all day to get myself back into a normal routine,
and woke up today, BANG.
I keep peeing, feel really weak, constantly dizzy and sneezing and thirsty and my pupils are heeeuuggee!
So I'm basically sitting on the couch and then waiting to eat to go to bed, I've tried standing up a couple of times but the room spins weirdly every time I do.. its weird!

Sadly my appetite is still strong as an ox, I wish my aunty would hurry up with my dinner!
Maybe a Sunday roast will cure my all of a sudden fatigue!

And my brother took the dogs for a walk in a big mucky field awhile ago.. wet dog smell..

How have you guys been all this week?

love love
Kathryn xxx

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Recent Discoveries..


I made a few discoveries.
Sally Hensen Nail Varnish
and The Hunger Games.

I will blog about the ammount of <3 I have for these soon.

Until then, back to reading!

love love
Kathryn xxx

Friday, February 3, 2012

Things that annoy me.

Being a 20 year old Irish girl...
I rant.
A lot.
And I find no better reason to have one on here!Not that I'm in a bad mood or anything, I just find some things annoying

Girls who bitch about one another.
I don't get it. Unless you have a real reason to dislike the girl. I don't understand why you have a reason to be hatin'. Especially when girls pass comment on one another when they don't even know each other. The dirty looks and judging by what they wear, their hair, shoes, make up- its all so petty, I'd HATE some girl to judge me on what I'm wearing or my hair or make up. So I don't do it to other girls. Quite frankly, its bullying in my eyes.

Narrow minded folk
I don't get people who are narrow minded. We've all received a comment from some small minded people. Why are you wearing that? You look weird? Your make up is strange I don't like it. I don't like your shoes. You're a hippy/goth/slut/loser..I can go on..
I try to be as open minded as possible when it comes to everything. I don't judge people on what they are wearing, looking at them going "state of her!" I think people need to just open their eyes a bit. People are different. Embrace it. Its not weird because you don't do it!

Greasy Hair
It gets on my nerves every three days. I haven't got my hair cut in years so its down my back and as thick as anything. Its a pain to wash,style and make pretty. But I wash it because its my pride and joy. Dry shampoo is grand if your in a rush or at a festival. But girls who use it instead of a actual wash? Its disgusting. Its meant to be a quick fix..not a replacement!

Sleeping with my make up on.
I physically can't stand this. No matter how drunk, tired and lazy I am. It comes off. I have bad skin, if I sleep with my make up on I get a break out and then get annoyed. I hate the feeling of waking up with mascara gluing your eyes shut and eye shadow and liner everywhere. Girls who can do it baffle me. Especially when they can leave it on for days on end. Even if you're too lazy to break out a face wash,toner and moisturiser- it takes five minutes to remove it all with a wipe! Its better then not taking it off at all!

I could rant all morning but I'm maaaad for a cuppa tea!

Anything get on your nerves?

love love
Kathryn xxx

Make up wish list

Is it just me, (a make up obsessed loser) or does anyone else have a list of future beauty products they hope to one day to be in possession of?

Sadly I'm not blessed with many riches to my name, I keep an overly close eye on my change jar, and I'm a real "tight ass" when it comes to money!

But a girl is allowed a splurge ever now and again..
And make up is my Achilles heel when I'm in the mood and have some disposable cash on me that I'm willing to part with..

I do tend to buy more "drugstore" cheaper brands weekly(mainly taking advantage of Boots 3 for 2 and using my advantage points), but I do like a lil splashing out every now and again..
like buying a MAC lipstick every 2 or 3 months!

But I'm allowed to dream, the products I'd really love to own one day

Chanel Mattlumiere foundation
Chanel Bronze Universaile
Make Up Forever HD foundation
Estee Lauder double wear
Estee Lauder day wear plus
Nars Laguna Bronzer
Nars Blush in Orgasm
Chanel Loose Powder
Every Chanel Lipstick..
Every Mac Eyeshadow & Lipstick

I could go on....

A lot of these products are way too expensive for my budget and some aren't in Limerick to purchase, I do like a swatch and I'm a bit apprehensive about buying make up online, especially foundation, if it costs and arm and a leg and wasn't the right shade.. I'd cry!

Does anyone else have any products they'd love to own one day?

love love
Kathryn xxxx

Thursday, February 2, 2012

You can't go wrong with Essence..

I had to blog about these little beauties..

You seriously can't go wrong with Essence as a brand.
Especially not with these nail polishes.. at only €1.29 each!!

You can find Essence at most chemists and pharmacies, and theres always a stand in Pennys!

The colours in the collection are quite vast, some with glitter and some without.
It takes about two-three coats to get the full colour pay off and I would recommend a top coat, they do claim to be long lasting but if you're heavy handed and clumsy like me, they will chip.

From left to right the colours names are
-Reach Peach.
-Wheres the party at?
(a purpley, greenish metallic colour)
-Viva la green
-Hard to resist
(Sparkly navy)
-Date with the night
(Shimmery brown)
-Ultimate pink

My only dissapointment is the "reach peach" colour comes out as a tan brown colour that does not look too well against my paler then pale skin, but I'm sure would look nice on a night out with some tan on!
I'm not too dissapointed though, €1.29 won't break the bank!

Love love
Kathryn xx

In love with Inglot!

Ever since Inglot opened up in the Crescent shopping centre (literally...5 minutes away from my house!)I've developed a little bit of an obsession with some of there products and made quite a few purchases and received some as gifts too!

The products I've purchased/received as gifts are as follows
Primer €20
Eyeshadow Magnetic Duo €15 (gift)
Brow wax,brow powder and concealer (€15)
(you can make up palettes as part of the Freedom system)
Brush 6ss €18 (gift)
Gel liner in black (€14)
Mascara-Volume & Waterproof(€10)

I'm overall extremely happy with all the purchases I've made at Inglot. The make up is really nice quality and I've found nothing to be ridiculously over priced. The "freedom system" also lets you make up a palette of eye shadows, concealers, brow powders and wax, and lipstick from €15.
The staff are friendly, funny and helpful and not at all like other make up counters. I've always recieved excellent customer service and advice, and even a complimentary make up lesson!

The eyeshadow duo has really become a permanent staple in my make up bag.
Magnetic, it stays put and theres no worry of dropping and the eyeshadows smashing!(always a plus)
The colours are lovely and soft,long lasting, pigmented, nicely shimmery, and perfect for a smokey eye.
I find myself wearing these combined on many a night out.

I've nothing bad to say about these eyeshadows, the packaging or the price. Really really would recommend these and Inglot in general. A fabulous make up brand.

Love love,
Kathryn xxx

PS-if you would like a review of any other Inglot products listed, do not hesitate to ask!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Losing my blog-ginity!

Hello Everyone!

I'm not quite sure how to write these things, I'm really feeling insecure about starting up a beauty blog in comparison to the amazing bloggers and gurus out there already. But hey, its what I'm into so I said I'd give it a shot :)
I'm Kathryn, aged 20 and obsessed with all things make up and skincare. Not a week will go by without me buying some new eye shadow, lipstick or primer I've read/watched a review about. From MAC to Inglot to Essence to MUA. I love it all. Colours, textures, shades and shimmer, they all excite me.
I suffered from very oily skin and bad acne as a teenager and still do to this day. Make up was always there to help cover those pesky blemishes up. I think i had just turned 13 and started wearing brown mascara to school when it all kicked off, within a couple of months I remember wearing shimmery brown and cream eye shadows from lash line to brows, pink blush and brown eyeliner with labello lip balm, thinking i was amazing!
Nowadays I'm a bit more clued up on what shades, ingredients and techniques to use. I would say I'm a tad OCD over it, I over blend my eye shadow like its going out of fashion but I love it. It might seem silly to people that I am interested in make up its such a boring topic, but when something can cancel out the bad and enhance the good and make you feel (and look) beautiful. Then call me a silly billy :)