Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feeling Bleeugghh

This week has been pretty crappy health wise..
Tuesday, I poisoned myself making fajitas resulting in me being up all night getting sick
(reaaallly reaaallly not fun!)
So my routine was complete-erly backwards
Sleeping all day and up all night(watching Jerry Springer & Maury at 5am, not cool!)
So i stayed up all nigth and all day to get myself back into a normal routine,
and woke up today, BANG.
I keep peeing, feel really weak, constantly dizzy and sneezing and thirsty and my pupils are heeeuuggee!
So I'm basically sitting on the couch and then waiting to eat to go to bed, I've tried standing up a couple of times but the room spins weirdly every time I do.. its weird!

Sadly my appetite is still strong as an ox, I wish my aunty would hurry up with my dinner!
Maybe a Sunday roast will cure my all of a sudden fatigue!

And my brother took the dogs for a walk in a big mucky field awhile ago.. wet dog smell..

How have you guys been all this week?

love love
Kathryn xxx

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