Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Losing my blog-ginity!

Hello Everyone!

I'm not quite sure how to write these things, I'm really feeling insecure about starting up a beauty blog in comparison to the amazing bloggers and gurus out there already. But hey, its what I'm into so I said I'd give it a shot :)
I'm Kathryn, aged 20 and obsessed with all things make up and skincare. Not a week will go by without me buying some new eye shadow, lipstick or primer I've read/watched a review about. From MAC to Inglot to Essence to MUA. I love it all. Colours, textures, shades and shimmer, they all excite me.
I suffered from very oily skin and bad acne as a teenager and still do to this day. Make up was always there to help cover those pesky blemishes up. I think i had just turned 13 and started wearing brown mascara to school when it all kicked off, within a couple of months I remember wearing shimmery brown and cream eye shadows from lash line to brows, pink blush and brown eyeliner with labello lip balm, thinking i was amazing!
Nowadays I'm a bit more clued up on what shades, ingredients and techniques to use. I would say I'm a tad OCD over it, I over blend my eye shadow like its going out of fashion but I love it. It might seem silly to people that I am interested in make up its such a boring topic, but when something can cancel out the bad and enhance the good and make you feel (and look) beautiful. Then call me a silly billy :)

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