Friday, February 3, 2012

Things that annoy me.

Being a 20 year old Irish girl...
I rant.
A lot.
And I find no better reason to have one on here!Not that I'm in a bad mood or anything, I just find some things annoying

Girls who bitch about one another.
I don't get it. Unless you have a real reason to dislike the girl. I don't understand why you have a reason to be hatin'. Especially when girls pass comment on one another when they don't even know each other. The dirty looks and judging by what they wear, their hair, shoes, make up- its all so petty, I'd HATE some girl to judge me on what I'm wearing or my hair or make up. So I don't do it to other girls. Quite frankly, its bullying in my eyes.

Narrow minded folk
I don't get people who are narrow minded. We've all received a comment from some small minded people. Why are you wearing that? You look weird? Your make up is strange I don't like it. I don't like your shoes. You're a hippy/goth/slut/loser..I can go on..
I try to be as open minded as possible when it comes to everything. I don't judge people on what they are wearing, looking at them going "state of her!" I think people need to just open their eyes a bit. People are different. Embrace it. Its not weird because you don't do it!

Greasy Hair
It gets on my nerves every three days. I haven't got my hair cut in years so its down my back and as thick as anything. Its a pain to wash,style and make pretty. But I wash it because its my pride and joy. Dry shampoo is grand if your in a rush or at a festival. But girls who use it instead of a actual wash? Its disgusting. Its meant to be a quick fix..not a replacement!

Sleeping with my make up on.
I physically can't stand this. No matter how drunk, tired and lazy I am. It comes off. I have bad skin, if I sleep with my make up on I get a break out and then get annoyed. I hate the feeling of waking up with mascara gluing your eyes shut and eye shadow and liner everywhere. Girls who can do it baffle me. Especially when they can leave it on for days on end. Even if you're too lazy to break out a face wash,toner and moisturiser- it takes five minutes to remove it all with a wipe! Its better then not taking it off at all!

I could rant all morning but I'm maaaad for a cuppa tea!

Anything get on your nerves?

love love
Kathryn xxx

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